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Success Story - Landing


As an innovative, technology-driven company, our credo is to be “closer to your business”. We provide customized solutions to complex and diverse challenges faced by our clients in every part of the globe.

Our machines have been used to construct some of the world’s most-renowned and iconic structures, and have set world records along the way. Here are just a few of those projects:


Twin-Bore Tunnels, Spain: The automatic spraying system of the Sika®-PM500 proved helpful in the shotcreting work in the six La Herradura tunnel bores.

Lainzer Tunnel, Austria: The stationary BSA 2109 H E was amongst the fleet of Putzmeister equipment used to meet the specific structural and pumping requirements of this project.

9/11 Monument, New York, USA: From the compact 20Z-Meter to the largest 63Z-Meter and the innovative Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 conveyor- all were successfully employed to complete a project that had difficult to reach pours, varied mixes, congested site and an exacting deadline.


Goldman Sachs Tower, Jersey City, USA: A single Putzmeister BSA 14000 HP_D pump was used 12 floors up to place 23,000 yards of concrete above grade for this tallest building in New Jersey to rise up to 794 feet.


LNG Tanks, Spain: An entire fleet of Putzmeister concrete pumps was deployed to ensure smooth completion of a project that required to be leak-free and appropriately insulated against the heat. 


Yaroslavl, Russia: A fleet of Putzmeister equipment was instrumental in efficiently and accurately developing the infrastructure of a world heritage site. 


Hollywood & Highland, USA: The Putzmeister 14000 HP D trailer-mounted pump and TB 105 conveyor were amongst the fleet of machines that helped get the legendary Kodak theatre ready by show time.

Gwinett County Stadium, USA: The home of the Atlanta Braves could not have been completed on time without the efficiency and flexibility of the Putzmeister 38Z-Meter and 47Z-Meter boom pumps.


Lambeau Field, USA: The Putzmeister 52Z-Meter boom pump rose to the challenge of helping expand the Lambeau Field stadium without interfering with the fan experience or business events.

Modern Art Museum, USA: The Putzmeister 36-Meter and 28Z-Meter helped bring a master architect’s vision to life, creating something magical despite the delicate conditions.


Hoover Dam, USA: Putzmeister truck and semi-trailer- mounted boom pumps, separate placing booms and BSA trailer pumps helped overcome the unique challenges posed by the location of the dam.

Zenit Arena, Russia: The Putzmeister BSF 47-5. 16H with a five section boom was instrumental in meeting the large scale pumping and concrete laying demands of this project.

Red Sea Gateway Terminal, Saudi Arabia: The Putzmeister TB 130 – the first telebelt in Saudi Arabia – proved its mettle by conveying more than 300,000m³ of concrete for this project.


Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates: BSA 14000 S-HPD trailer pump set the world record by
delivering concrete to a height of 606 meters, far above the clouds when we were chosen for the construction of the world’s tallest building.


Jin Mao Towers, China: Putzmeister equipment including the BSA 14000, conveyed a total of 280,000m³ concrete up to a height of 382m to help the 88  storey tower reach full height.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway: The Putzmeister M 36 beat the odds to help this high altitude project take shape.

Omkar Towers, India: The Putzmeister BSA 2110 D and BSA 14000 were brought in to overcome setbacks faced in the initial stages of this real estate project.

NTPC Power Plant, India: The ever reliable Putzmeister BSF 36-4 M, BSA 1407 D and BSA 1408 HD took on the challenge of pumping a total of 14000 cubic meters of concrete over 166 days.

Jamnagar Oil Refinery, India: The Putzmeister BSF 42-09 M was chosen to tackle the task of pouring over 15,000 cubic meters of concrete and  help complete a globally competitive refinery in 36 months.




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