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PM Finance

PM Finance

At the moment, Putzmeister-Rus LLC, in cooperation with the leaders of the Russian financial services market, offers its customers the services of leasing or financial leasing of concrete pumps , pneumatic conveyors and plaster stations, as well as tunnel equipment and slurry pumps manufactured by Putzmeister.

What is convenient for the PM Finance program?

Addressing the request to our specialists, your terms and conditions are considered by more than three leasing companies-partners of OOO Puttsmeister-Rus. You do not need to waste time looking for a suitable leasing company for you. Partner companies undergo rigorous reputation control, which allows you to trust the leasing company as Putzmeister. You receive offers and just choose the most beneficial for you. Further, the design takes place, which our specialists and specialists of the partner company take over. PM Finance is free!

A reliable partnership gives you confidence!

For additional information about the terms of sale and other issues that arise, you can contact Putzmeister's specialists at 8 (800) 707-19- 58 or 8 (495) 775-22- 37 on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00, Moscow time or leaving the  application through the site , with the mark "Leasing".

With PM Finance you save time and money!